Margot - Craftsmanship



The foundry

The lead-free brass is cast in moulds that have been carefully preserved over the decades.
This stage is hand-made in order to tailor the dosage to the complex shapes.


From digital control to manual detailing and silver soldering, the full breadth of our craftsmanship adds value to our collections of fittings and bathroom accessories.


A perfect reflection of the quality of our taps and fittings, 100% hand polishing leaves a mirror-like finish that is essential to ensuring that our metal finishes stand the test of time.

Surface treatment

Our collections stand out for their range of metal finishes: from the most traditional – like Chrome or Nickel – to the most original – like patinas or Black Bronze.


All our products are hand-assembled with utmost precision in our Picardy workshop and put through thorough quality control.

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