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Onyx - Matt Soft Gold


All about Matt Soft Gold

The Maîtres Robinetiers de France present the Matt Soft Gold finish, now available for Miroir Brot, Margot, Cristal&Bronze and Serdaneli.


Its colour, similar to the colour of brass, and its strength, which gives it a long-lasting quality, make it the very essence of a timeless finish. The Matt Soft Gold finish suits all styles of taps, from the contemporary “Onyx” by Margot to the exuberant Art Deco “Coco” by Serdaneli… as well as our ranges of accessories and mirrors!


As with each of our surface treatments, the Matt Soft Gold finish is made in our workshops. It consists of a layer of one micron of 22 carat gold applied by electrolysis. Highly resistant to corrosion, this finish enables our products to keep their sheen for a long period.


The Matt Soft Gold finish is a perfect pairing for light materials, such as Carrara marble or white tiles, for a timeless bathroom. 

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